Holidays Collection – Set nº3 of two embroidered linen hand towels


Capsule EM x LA. Limited edition.

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  • Description

    These linen hand towels come with a unique embroidered detail.
    Two coloured shapes meet to create a third. The colour of this third shape is a blend of the other two.
    The composition creates a graphic and dynamic design.
    Dimensions: 47×40 cm

  • Collection

    For as long as I can remember, my mother, Ethel Msika, has had a kind and attentive eye for my work. The drawings when I was a child, the clothes I designed as a teenager, the installations when I was a young adult.

    This gaze, which held even stronger intentions than words or encouragement, pushed me every step of the way.

    Today, she is once again taking a look at my work as an artist by creating 3 embroidered linen pieces linked to my inspirations, my intentions, my shapes, and so on. This delicate work, carried out by her, required several days’ work for each of these unique pieces.

    Like family gifts created for special occasions, they were embroidered with our initials. This formal dialogue between mother and daughter tells the story of a filiation linked to creation.

  • Fabrication

    These linen pieces are entirely hand-embroidered with cotton thread.

    Wash any stains by hand with soap before machine-washing in a delicate laundry bag. Do not use bleach.

    Machine wash at 30°C maximum, on a delicate programme. Spin gently. Do not tumble dry.

    These items should be cared for and treated with care.

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Holidays Collection – Set nº3 of two embroidered linen hand towels