Lisa Allegra graduated in 2010 from the Decorative Arts School in France.

She worked for Tsé&Tsé Associées and Constance Guisset while being an independent designer.

Following a competition, his ITA coat rack was published and edited.

After traveling through Asia, the United States and Brazil for almost a year, in 2014 she joined the visual merchandising team of the Diptyque Paris brand. She is then in charge of all the creation of shop windows around the world.

She moved to Barcelona in 2017 and co-founded BCN Clay Studio in 2018.

She founded her own design studio in 2021 to develop and expand her collections of ceramic lighting andfurniture.

Lisa Allegra is an artist and designer who thinks, draws and forms objects that inhabit our daily lives: lighting, furniture, vases etc.

She approaches the form by drawing but also through the manual shaping of the clay.
Clay is her favorite material because it has the inner power to melt in the hand, which shapes it into an infinitely small to large scaled object.
This allows her to imagine a variety of pieces ranging from vases to dining tables and even architectural elements.

Her creations are designed in collections and in variations. These families of objects play with balance: legs rising from the ground, a cushion in suspension, a large dome resting on slender leg.
The elements touch, and support each other.
She is attentive to “the presence of absence”, of emptiness and counter-form.

John Pawson, Donald Judd and Rachel Whiteread are among her most inspiring creators, with their search for the essential and purity.

Lisa Allegra aims to create forms that are both minimalist and warm: using clay, rounded shapes in association with other materials such as textiles and wood.
Indeed, she integrates new skills such as weaving, tapestry or carpentry in order to design objects conform to her ideas and drawings.

This choice to link her profession as a designer with all these skills allows her to logically create small hand made series, durable pieces, of which she masters both form and production.

She collaborates with brands and partners such as Cartier, Hermes, Galerie Philia, Chiara Colombini, Caroline Andreoni, The Webster, Sessun…