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  • Description

    The clean and minimalist shape of the ARK desk will find its place in your living room or study and become the centrepiece of your interior.

    The natural roughness of the off-white stonewear combined with the grain of the oak top gives each piece a unique character, almost an architectural status.

    Dimensions: 145x65x74cm

  • Collection

    The ARK collection is made of: two Floor lamps, a Chair, a Stool, a Side table and a Desk.

    Here we find the classic and recurring themes in Lisa Allegra’s work: architecture and clothing.

    Each ceramic piece is combined with another material: oak or fabric.

    Wooden planks or soft cushions connect the ceramic monoliths like a bridge’s platform linking two banks.

    A pleated cotton half-cylinder ties itself around its ceramic twin like a sweater around the waist.

    The balancing act is always present: a weightless cushion or a levitating half-cylinder.

  • Fabrication

    All our furniture and ceramic objects are handcrafted with care, which makes each piece unique. Nuances in texture, shape and color may occur due to the use of natural materials and the firing process. We consider these natural variations as a beautiful feature of each piece.

    The firing at 1260 degrees Celsius reveals the variations of the natural clay and reinforces the singular and unique aspect of each piece.

    The board is made of solid oak with a matt varnish finish.

    The ceramic parts can be gently cleaned with a soft, dry cloth or a damp sponge.

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Desk ARK