Paper flower by Tij Flowers


Capsule by Tij Flowers. Limited edition.

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  • Description

    This hand-painted crepe paper flower by Tij Flowers was created exclusively for Lisa Allegra’s Holidays collection.
    The shades of black and bluish purple combine with the powdery blue-red enamel of the Dusty Pink KYRTOS vase.
    It can be placed on its own or in a bouquet of dried flowers in the centre of a table, on a shelf or on your bedside table, depending on your mood or the season.
    Dimensions: 12×25 cm

  • Collection

    The flower by Tij Flowers has been created to match the Kyrtos Dusty Pink vase, but can also be used with any other soliflore.

  • Fabrication

    Ink-painted crepe paper flower handmade by Tij Flowers.
    This delicate flower should be handled with care and not exposed to water.

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Paper flower by Tij Flowers