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  • Description

    The pure and soft lines of the MOOR vase give it a functional, sculptural and timeless presence.

    Its asymmetrical shape allows you to play with the object’s round or two-dimensional aesthetic. A multitude of floral combinations are possible.

    Whether you are looking for a country-style bouquet or a more refined design, the vase lends itself to all kinds of floral arrangements. On its own and simply placed on a mantelpiece, pedestal table or in the centre of a table, it will be a refined element of your interior decoration.

    The Pearl glaze creates a play of reflections amplified by the light. This random golden speckled finish gives a singular look to each MOOR vase.

    Size: 24x17x22.5cm

    Weight: approx. 5kg

  • Collection

    The MOOR plus brillance collection includes tables, lamps, shelves and vases.

    The column-shaped base stands out from the floor, giving lightness to these pieces made from grogged stoneware.

    Lisa Allegra was inspired by the shape of a mooring post used to tie her childhood boat. It is also a nod to Henry MOORE, a sculptor of large shapes that often hang in balance in space.

    Here, the MOOR collection is adorned with glazes that amplify its precious appearance. This finish, which is different with each firing, reinforces the unique and singular aspect of each piece.

  • Fabrication

    All our ceramic furniture and objects are carefully hand-crafted, making each piece unique. Differences in texture, shape and colour may occur due to the use of natural materials and the firing process. We consider these natural variations to be a beautiful part of each piece.

    Firing at 1260 degrees Celcius reveals the different colours of the effect glazes and reinforces the singular and unique aspect of each piece.

    The pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft dry cloth or a damp sponge.

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Blackened gold, Dusty pink, Pearl