Plates “Les cailloux”


Limited edition.

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  • Description

    This hand-crafted stoneware plate is placed on a table, sideboard or bedside table like a jewel. The ceramic ball fixed to the plate by a stainless steel screw and nut contrasts with the delicate, random appearance of the ceramic, like a pearl in its shell.

    Approx. dimensions: Diam. 13 x 2-3 cm

  • Collection

    Les assiettes LES CAILLOUX commencent avec un geste, le geste le plus spontané et naturel de l’être humain fasse à une boule de terre : la pincer entre ces doigts pour en faire un contenant. Sur chacune de ces assiettes les traces de doigt n’ont pas été gommé, au contraire, elles sont sublimé par les émaux à effet qui nappe la surface. Ces reliefs ressemblent à de petites vagues sur lesquelles se dépose une bille, un cailloux, une perle.

    The plates LES CAILLOUX begin with a gesture, the most spontaneous and natural gesture a human being makes to a ball of clay: pinching it between his fingers to make a container. On each of these plates, the fingerprints have not been erased; on the contrary, they are sublimated by the glazes that coat the surface. These prints resemble small waves on which a marble, a pebble or a pearl is placed.

  • Fabrication

    All our furniture and ceramic objects are handcrafted with care, which makes each piece unique. Nuances in texture, shape and color may occur due to the use of natural materials and the firing process. We consider these natural variations as a beautiful feature of each piece.

    The firing at 1230 degrees Celsius reveals the different colors and shades of the glazes and reinforces the singularity and unicity of each piece.

    The ceramic parts can be gently cleaned with a soft, dry cloth or a damp sponge.

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Plates “Les cailloux”