Vase KYRTOS + Flower box


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  • Description

    VASE : The KYRTOS vase can be placed alone or with others on your dining table, mantelpiece or side table.

    Slender and refined, the object has a totemic, elegant and enigmatic look.

    Flowers can be nestled in the alcove giving a small floral arrangement a precious and delicate appearance.

    Each piece is made and glazed by hand, reinforcing the uniqueness and singularity of each piece.

    Dimensions: Diam.8×27 cm

    Weight: 1kg

    FLOWER : This hand-painted crepe paper flower by Tij Flowers was created exclusively for Lisa Allegra’s Holidays collection.

    The shades of black and bluish purple combine with the powdery blue-red enamel of the Dusty Pink KYRTOS vase.

    It can be placed on its own or in a bouquet of dried flowers in the centre of a table, on a shelf or on your bedside table, depending on your mood or the season.

    Dimensions: 12×25 cm

  • Collection

    VASE : The pieces in the KYRTOS & KOILOS collection are interpretations of architectural elements by Le Corbusier discovered at the chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamps.

    These lamps and objects have been conceived as pieces of architecture to create a special atmosphere that invites to contemplation and leads to an elsewhere, outside the walls of material life.

    FLOWER : The flower by Tij Flowers has been created to match the Kyrtos Dusty Pink vase, but can also be used with any other soliflore.

  • Fabrication

    VASE : All our furniture and ceramic objects are handcrafted with care, which makes each piece unique. Nuances in texture, shape and color may occur due to the use of natural materials and the firing process. We consider these natural variations as a beautiful feature of each piece.

    The firing at 1260 degrees Celsius reveals the different colors and shades of the glazes and reinforces the singularity and unicity of each piece.

    The ceramic parts can be gently cleaned with a soft, dry cloth or a damp sponge.

    FLOWER : Ink-painted crepe paper flower handmade by Tij Flowers.

    This delicate flower should be handled with care and not exposed to water.

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Vase KYRTOS + Flower box